16th Chitwan Elephant Festival 2019
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Location: Sauraha ,Chitwan

Elephant Race : Rules & Regulations

  • The distance of the elephant race will be 300 meters.
  • The track of the elephant race should be straight.
  • The width of the track will be 10 meters.
  • The participant cannot select the elephant themselves. The elephants of the respective participants will be selected by lottery method.
  • Not more than six elephants can participate in the race at a time.
  • In the same- finale and finale rounds the participants has to take part with their respective elephants . The elephants cannot be exchanged.
  • In case of injury, sickness or any other cases related to elephant behavior of the participating elephant, the elephant could be changed in accordance to the decision made by the selection committee.
  • The elephant that has acquired first and second position in the first round will be eligible to participate in the semi-final and the elephants acquired first and second position in the semi-final can participate in the final round.
  • After numbering the elephants through lottery method, the elephants will be grouped in a size of five from 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and so on.
  • The track of the participating elephant will be determined before the race begins though lottery method.
  • Sticks cannot be used to beat and prick the elephant during the competition.
  • “Ankush” cannot be used in normal conditions to control the elephant other than in emergency conditions. Whereby, if the “Ankush” will be used, the elephant will be disqualified form the race.
  • From the beginning till the end of the race, the elephant should not go beyond the track line, if so the elephant will be disqualified from the race.
  • The participant and the elephant driver are not allowed to use alcohol or any kind of stimulating agents, if found so, both of them will be disqualified along with the elephant.
  • The same elephant and the participant taking part in the preliminary round should be in the semi-final and final rounds.
  • The decision made by the evaluation committee will be final and cannot be influenced.