16th Chitwan Elephant Festival 2019
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Regional Hotel Association Chitwan is an important organization directly connected with Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) established in 1966. HAN is connected with several international organization related with global tourism industry which is also popularly called border less economy. Concept of International standards and international network of marketing was first introduced by HAN in Nepal. HAN’s role as a most effective pressure group in solving problems of environmental protection, control of pollution, labor problems and other insuring issues related with tourism, culture development and aviation is highly recognized.

Regional Hotel Association Chitwan was established some 12 years ago. Now it represents the interest of some 70 safari Lodges and Resort Hotels with an estimate investment of over 100 millions N. Rupees. Our members have been offering the services with their 1500 hotel beds in Chitwan. The entire safari tourism is based on some 128 great Asian Elephants in this region. HAN, Chitwan has been playing a vital role in preserving the Chitwan National Park which is regarded as the best in Asia. As this regional Hotel Association is very species of mammals, birds, flora and other fauna, it is in the best and most trust worthy position to sponsor this international elephant Festival arranged with a view to save the seriously endangered species of Great Asian Elephant.